Barn Raising IV …


It takes a village … in addition to the front and back walls, the steel beam has been welded in place. It was welded by my talented and energetic 84 year young father-in-law, John Medeiros. I was told he climbed the ladder and crossed the staging determined to get the job done. While I regret I have no photos of him actually doing the work, I am glad I wasn’t home to photographic it since I would have had my eyes closed! I have climbed the staging myself several times and although I am not terribly afraid of heights, I am cautious and not comfortable climbing the ladder. Watch our blog for more BARN updates!




Charlotte Summer Rayne … aka SUMMER… is adjusting well to the world. Tomorrow she will meet the rest of the pack!


We are proud to announce a 15 lb female cria born at 6:45 this morning!

When I checked in at 5:00 AM there was no sign of an impending birth. When Dave got
up around 6:45 he noticed all the alpacas hovering around in a circle. Alaurea had just given birth!
We quickly got the others into the adjoining pen so mom and cria could bond. We got the new baby cleaned
up and watched to assure both were healthy.

This is Alaurea’s 6th cria and she is an awesome mom. In fact, her last girl, CeCe, was born on this day
THREE years ago!

It’s our very FIRST birth here at Kave Rock Farm so we are overjoyed watching each tiny milestone. The wobbly legs
and unsteady gait make us laugh. She has already attempted running only to be stopped by a fence she didn’t notice!
Luckily she bounces back well!

We’ve had 11 1/2 months to think of names but she doesn’t fit the choices we had. She’s is still unnamed
so feel free to send us suggestions!DSC_0474



Barn Raising III

There have been so many other events, plans and jobs going on here at Kave Rock that the BARN has taken a
recess. This week, however, Dave has begun erecting rafters. The barn should have a roof very soon! DSC_0405

Oh Deer . . .

Around 8:00 PM last night, I glanced out the window and saw the alpacas grazing in the back field. Rosie and CeCe looked a little on edge but the alpha female, Alaurea, seemed pretty calm. I saw an alpaca walking along the edge of the woods and it was then I realized that animal was too dark in color to be one of our females. It was, in fact, a deer. CeCe and Rosie approached cautiously and the deer ran in the opposite direction. I’m not sure how the deer got into the enclosure but she probably ambled through the deep woods. She got a little spooked when she tried to run out toward the house and was trapped by fences. Eventually she ran back into the woods. The girls went back to grazing and will most likely welcome new friends again this summer.