Fall fun …

As Fall creeps in and we say goodbye to summer, the activity here at Kave Rock Farm increases.

Saturdays are spent at events …Fall festivals and Farmer’s Markets.  We bring a few alpacas with us when we can.  We love to educate people and show them where their products originate.  Alpacas are unique creatures and each one has a different personality.  Although they look cute and cuddly, many alpacas do not like to be touched.  You can sometimes stroke their neck .  We try to bring ‘friendlier’ alpacas when we attend events.

The farm is open to the public most Sundays from 12 – 4 PM.  You can visit the animals and purchase alpaca fiber products.  To date we have twenty alpacas.  There’s a cria due at the end of October and we will be sure to post photos.

Whether you visit us at one of the events or stop by the farm, we welcome your visit!!!