Winter blahs and other ramblings. . .

Massachusetts has been spared major snowfall this winter. I do realize we have a few weeks left before spring … but snowfall now usually melts quickly. In past years we have had to shovel paths for alpacas to move about so that chore was not necessary (so far) nor was it missed.

Winter months are not pleasant for any farmer. Waste disposal comes to a ‘frozen’ standstill. Any icy precipitation thaws and turns to pure mud. Yes, mud. Not just a mud puddle … mud as far as you can see. And frozen waste mixes with mud to form sludge. It is not pretty.

Our farm is open to the public on Sunday afternoons and I cringe as I see visitors exit their vehicle wearing regular shoes. I tend to apologize for mother nature’s mess but it is a FARM! I’ll admit, I also apologize to visitors for alpacas sneezing on them, knocking cameras out of their hands, alpacas peeing close to the fence, alpaca females practicing dominance (they oggle like males too!) and I apologize for bird poop. It’s a FARM!!

So, although a bitter, snowy winter has eluded us, it’s mud season from now until May. Feel free to visit us but wear boots and it’s a farm … I’m sorry. : )