Cria and BEANS . . .

What a beautiful sunny Sunday!!   Farm owners know that Sundays are never truly a day of rest.  Alaurea, our 11 year old female, has a gentle spirit and does not mind being handled.  Her cria is due in July and she is beginning to show signs of being pregnant.  Did you know alpacas have an 11  1/2  month gestation period?   I was able to rub her tummy and actually felt movement!  It was also a nice day to pick up beans.  I never thought I’d be blogging about alpaca POOP!  Dave has started an area for bean composting and it is rich and ready to place in garden beds.   ‘BEANS’ are sold in 50 lb grain bags for $6.00 or can be bought in small nylon bags (perfect for making Bean Tea)  for $2.00.  Bean Tea (for plants only!) is made by soaking a nylon ‘Tea Bag’ in a gallon of water for several hours .  The ‘Tea’ is poured onto plants or mixed into the soil.   It’s the ultimate recycled recyclable!


The alpacas ventured out of their shelter and into the woods after a break from the rain.  They were munching on small trees and running their teeth along the moss.   We are ALL in need of some true SPRING weather !!

Speaking of SPRING . . . are you looking to get your yard cleaned of debris and brush?  Are you looking for some rustic rock to line a garden or walkway?  Are you looking to enrich your garden soil with some nutrient rich alpaca ‘beans’?   These are services available through Kave Rock Farm.  Contact Dave at (401) 465 – 7589.

Welcome to the KaveRock Alpaca Blog!

Welcome to the new KaveRock Alpaca Blog! We’ll be using this space to keep you updated with our event calendar and the latest news from the farm. Check back soon for more!