Supporting Made In The USA!

We support American farmers. Whether they have large or small farms, they have drive and put forth great effort with blood, sweat and tears.

We are fortunate to work with the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP) in Fall River. Approximately 4,500 farms across the US contribute to this ‘pool’ and utilize the NEAFP services so there are many farms selling amazing Made In The USA products.

Recently, several customers have stated that they purchased a certain hat or sock from an alpaca farm and the product wasn’t the quality expected. Other customers state they found a similar,less expensive product at another farm. More often than not, these products are Peruvian made. I must interject that there are Peruvian products that are substantial quality, however, we support Made In The USA!!!

In the mid ’80’s when the import of Peruvian alpacas was halted, American farmers worked tirelessly to create American herds with amazing wool. Today the American alpaca industry is booming. We are booming with PRIDE!! The products created through NEAFP (based in Fall River, MA) are made with USA alpaca fiber using USA fiber mills keeping jobs and the fiber industry alive in the USA!

So the next time you are purchasing warm, wooly alpaca fiber products, feel free to ask…”Was this proudly made in the USA?” At Kave Rock Farm, the answer is always YES!!!!