How do know the difference??

Visitors will ask – How do you know the difference between your alpacas when many look alike?

Well, like humans, they have small differences – nose shape, eye lash length, color variations, ear size ….         The biggest difference is their individual personality.  We have some that interact with people and some that watch from a distance.  Some are bossy, most are curious, some are playful, some are serious, some are indifferent, and some are just constantly looking for food!

Alpacas, by nature, are skittish animals and do not relish being touched or pet.  A few of our alpacas will allow petting.  Most visitors want to dig their hand into the ‘poof’ at the top of their head.  The best approach is to let the animal smell your open hand and then slowly reach forward to pet the neck area.         You can also keep hands by your side and lean in for a nose bump.  Alpacas are NOT big spitters .

Come by sometime to visit !