Fall fun…a wedding, a birthday and events

Fall is a busy time here at Kave Rock Farm. We are attending events and indoor farmer’s markets every weekend. We have store hours here at the farm every Sunday 1:00-5:00 PM (please call first). But this week we had two unusual but exciting events. We hosted a birthday party for ten year old Ainsleigh complete with an alpaca birthday cake! Ainsleigh’s mom drove her and five friends 1 1/2 hours to get here just so she could experience the alpacas. This week we also brought some alpacas to a wedding rehearsal dinner! The future groom, Josh, saw alpacas at a wedding venue and wanted them at his own. Unfortunately, he and his future bride, Inna, chose a venue that would not allow alpacas. Josh’s mom, Johanna, surprised him by inviting Kave Rock Farm alpacas to the rehearsal dinner at their family home. Family and guests enjoyed interacting with the animals. What other exciting events are in store this season???




Alpaca pregnancy…

An alpaca is pregnant for 11 1/2 months! When I say this many mothers clutch their abdomen and cringe. Once we breed one of our females we do behavior testing. This involves re-introducing a male alpaca to her and watching her behavior. Most likely the female will become agitated and spit at the male before running away. Two of our females were bred last year. We anticipated deliveries in late July. We watched for signs like a bulging girth (most alpacas do not look pregnant until a month before delivery). After 11 months we realized we would not see cria this year.

In April of this year, we also welcomed a brother and sister alpaca from Maine. They are owned by Happy Snowman Farm and are boarded here at Kave Rock Farm. While sheering in late May, we realized that the female, Candy Tuft, was pregnant. Her cria was born this past Tuesday at a healthy 14.4lbs. Her name is Taffy and she a pronking bundle of cuteness.

So while we did not have cria born to our own alpacas, we can enjoy watching little Taffy.
And we hope to have 5 new cria in the summer of 2016!


Mending fences and talking alpaca.

Weekends are always busy here at Kave Rock Farm. There’s hay to stack, coops and pens to muck, beans to process, gardens to weed, buckets to scrub, and on and on… Lately we have been moving/changing fences to expand grazing areas. It also appears that our 2 1/2 year old male, Lee, is fond of watching the girls and sometimes ‘leans’ over a fence crushing it or bending posts. Alpacas really need minimal fencing and ‘stay put’ for the most part. Lee has toppled over a fence and looks back as if to say, “How did that happen?” So, one of our new projects will be a stockade fence to keep the boys and girls from watching one another.
Even if we are running around the farm on weekends, we welcome visitors. Feel free to call for an appointment to visit us. (401) 419 3045 We love to take time from our chores to talk alpaca…

Warm Sock & Upcoming Events

We have had overwhelming positive comments about our alpaca socks lately. The influx of
comments probably has to do with the 70″ of snowfall these last few weeks . . . If you have
not tried our socks, order a pair now – you won’t be sorry!! We have four styles available. Low Pro socks hug the edge of your sneaker. There is a padded comfort tab at the heel. I often wear these under tights with my everyday boots (or as slippers around the house). These sell for $15.

Our Survival Socks are a traditional crew style (just above the ankle). These are great for transitioning from outdoors to the office. The Golden Touch/Diabetic Sock sits over the calf. It is a loose fitting sock perfect for those with circulation problems. Both these socks sell for $19.

Our most popular sock this time of year is the Over-The-Calf Boot Sock. Wearing these is like wrapping an alpaca around your foot!! They have a non slip grip at the ankle so they don’t slide down into your boots. Your feet will stay warm, dry and comfy while shoveling or playing in the snow. These sell for $24.

All our socks have lycra and nylon so they can be machine washed and dried.

We will be at the Original Easton Farmer’s Market this Saturday – Valentines Day – from 10-2 at Oakes Ames Hall in No. Easton. You can purchase meat, seafood, honey, soap, baked goods and an array of fresh vegetables – ONE STOP shopping!!!

The 6th Annual Attleboro Winter Night Festival will be held Saturday February 21st from 5-9 PM.
We will be in the Attleboro Arts Museum, 86 Park Street. Come by to see some unique crafters and enjoy an evening of fun events.


Kave Rock Farm is looking to purchase an animal scale. We are looking for one which will be large enough for an alpaca. 38×20 would be great with a 250 lb capacity. Please contact us if you have one for sale.

Additionally, we will be at the Easton Original Farmer’s Market on Saturday, January 10. The market is located at the Oakes Ames Hall on Main Street in North Easton from 10-2. After a week of bitter cold temperatures, you will be looking for warm and toasty alpaca socks, gloves and scarves!




Weekend Hours

If you are looking to complete your holiday shopping this weekend, come by the farm Saturday from 3:30 – 6 PM
or Sunday 1:00 – 5:00 PM. We will also be at The Easton Original Farmer’s Market at Oakes Ames Hall on Main Street Saturday from 10:00 – 2:00.

Easton Holiday Festival

This Saturday the Town of Easton will host a Holiday Festival.
The Oakes Ames Hall on Main Street will house many vendors.
The outdoor area will be transformed into a winter wonderland!
We hope to bring the alpacas, weather permitting. Come by and
enjoy some family fun!!! 12 – 5pm

A Peaceful Sunday Morning at Kave Rock






Although the sun was not shining, the air was crisp and clean. The farm felt so peaceful this morning that I thought it would be nice to take some photos to share. Of course I had to take a few pictures of my favorite subjects. As soon as I plant myself in the field with the alpacas, they surround me. They are curious and also hopeful that I have some grain in my hand. Little Summer is now 4 months old and getting very fluffy! Everyone admires her little bunny rabbit nose. Her fiber is incredible and has many qualities we look for …crimp, fineness, density. Jett, our jet black male, is now 5 weeks old and his personality is beginning to emerge.
Finally, I’d like to thank all who stopped by our display at the Carpenter Museum’s Art & Artisans Fair at Francis Farm this past weekend.