ABC Channel 6 News Visit

It was an exciting week here at Kave Rock Farm. Allie Crowley from ABC Channel 6 called and asked if she could do a piece – YOUR TOWN, YOUR LIFE, here at the farm.
We consulted with our fluffy, 4-legged residents and they were ….well – unimpressed to say the least – SIGH…. Dave and I decided to invite Allie anyway.
Allie was super nice and did the filming and interview by herself. (She also does the editing herself too!)
Our alpaca ‘girls’ were well behaved and friendly. They did everything on cue – eating leaves, drinking from the reservoir, looking cute . . .
Mason, our mini schnauzer, was sure to get in the action also, although we had one frightening moment when Mason spotted a family of geese. Those of you who know us well know that Voo pays Mason in ‘treats’ to rid his yard of geese (who leave droppings EVERYWHERE). As Allie and I pulled up to the water’s edge in the golf cart, Mason flew off the seat and chased the geese into the water. One frightened baby gosling was left behind and Mason pounced! Those of you who know Mason know he never harms the birds. The gosling played ‘dead’ until I retrieved it and placed it on the water’s edge where it joined it’s family. Allie and I breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily that incident was CUT during editing.
Dave and I enjoyed our 3 minutes of fame and got to meet Allie Crowley a beautiful and talented Floridian – but we can’t fault her for not being a New England gal! : )