Kave Rock rambling . . .

DSC_0556The ‘boys’, specifically Franklin and Lee, were wrestling this morning and getting vocal.  I grabbed my camera on my way to see what they were doing.  The playful banter is never as rough as it used to be prior to Franklin getting fixed.  Our elder resident, Rusty, doesn’t like the rough housing and runs and spits when the other two get close to him.  I think they do it purposely and then giggle to themselves when Rusty runs away.  Silly youth!  Franklin is curious about the camera so I got some close-ups of him.  Alpacas each have an individual personality.

Since I was out visiting the ‘boys’ with my camera, I just had to get a few shots of our 3 week old, Summer.  She isn’t very sure of me yet and keeps her distance (I wish I had a better zoom lens).  Her mama, Alaurea , continued to graze and was not phased by my presence.  She is our most friendly alpaca and seems to enjoy a neck rub now and then.

Our mini schnauzer, Mason, is accepted by the pack but keeps a safe distance most days.  At times he roams the field with a watchful eye and presence of mind to know alpacas could stomp him at any minute.  Today he chose to watch from the wall.

I hope you all enjoy my photos!DSC_0538 DSC_0548 DSC_0550