Spring . . . but will it ever stop snowing?

Spring on a farm means rains and MUD.  March brought us snow and MUD.

Our event schedule has slowed down since people no longer want to think about warm wool products.  We do have patrons who purchase our socks year round since they have great moisture wick qualities. Our Home Store is open most Sundays from 12-4.  You can also schedule a visit just to see the alpacas.  There’s no cost to visit and we enjoy telling people about these unique animals.  Each of our animals has a name and a personality.  Some are outgoing and love people.  Some are shy yet curious.

We have 2 males for sale.  They are 3 years old and I hope they will be sold together since they have never been apart.  Jett, is solid black and a bit shy.  Howie is white and has incredible fiber.  Both are on the smaller size for males.  We will deliver them within a reasonable distance.

At the end of April our alpacas are being shorn so if you want to see them full and fluffy visit before the 28th.  If you do visit this month, you probably should wear boots!