Growing things …

The lush, green trees and wooded vegetation make our reservoir view nearly impossible.
The vegetable garden is spreading rapidly. The weeds are never ending as well. Three of our alpacas are growing wider as their due date (mid-August) creeps closer.

Alpacas enjoy a cool spray of water each day in summer’s scorching heat. They love their necks, bellies and tail area sprayed. The cool water also makes crias wiggle in their momma’s tummy. I actually squealed when I felt the movement of Kaleigh’s cria against my palm yesterday.

There are simple joys in the new life all around us. . .

Check out the photo of our ‘home grown’ socks!

How do know the difference??

Visitors will ask – How do you know the difference between your alpacas when many look alike?

Well, like humans, they have small differences – nose shape, eye lash length, color variations, ear size ….         The biggest difference is their individual personality.  We have some that interact with people and some that watch from a distance.  Some are bossy, most are curious, some are playful, some are serious, some are indifferent, and some are just constantly looking for food!

Alpacas, by nature, are skittish animals and do not relish being touched or pet.  A few of our alpacas will allow petting.  Most visitors want to dig their hand into the ‘poof’ at the top of their head.  The best approach is to let the animal smell your open hand and then slowly reach forward to pet the neck area.         You can also keep hands by your side and lean in for a nose bump.  Alpacas are NOT big spitters .

Come by sometime to visit !


Memorial Day . . .

Memorial Day has always been special since (in my mind) summer is just around the corner.  We can’t forget the true meaning of the day and how so many men and women have given their lives for our freedom.

This weekend at Kave Rock Farm we will be tilling alpaca ‘beans’ into our gardens.  We call the manure beans because it resembles coffee beans.  It is quite amazing that animals weighing 150 pounds ‘poop’ like bunny rabbits.  Alpaca manure is a ‘cold’ manure and can be placed into gardens without being composted first.   We have have used fresh and dried beans in our gardens with positive results. Dried beans are great for houseplants too.   Our manure has been analyzed at UMASS Amherst and proves to be rich in nitrogen (which is essential for leaf and stem growth.)   Additionally, alpaca beans contain phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and sodium.  They are also high in potassium (which helps plants resist disease).  Best of all … alpaca manure is odor free!!!

The farm is open on Sundays from 12-4.  Visitors are welcome to bring a bucket to fill with beans or purchase a bag of dried beans.  (Prices range from $5-$15 approximately)



Spring . . . but will it ever stop snowing?

Spring on a farm means rains and MUD.  March brought us snow and MUD.

Our event schedule has slowed down since people no longer want to think about warm wool products.  We do have patrons who purchase our socks year round since they have great moisture wick qualities. Our Home Store is open most Sundays from 12-4.  You can also schedule a visit just to see the alpacas.  There’s no cost to visit and we enjoy telling people about these unique animals.  Each of our animals has a name and a personality.  Some are outgoing and love people.  Some are shy yet curious.

We have 2 males for sale.  They are 3 years old and I hope they will be sold together since they have never been apart.  Jett, is solid black and a bit shy.  Howie is white and has incredible fiber.  Both are on the smaller size for males.  We will deliver them within a reasonable distance.

At the end of April our alpacas are being shorn so if you want to see them full and fluffy visit before the 28th.  If you do visit this month, you probably should wear boots!

Fall fun …

As Fall creeps in and we say goodbye to summer, the activity here at Kave Rock Farm increases.

Saturdays are spent at events …Fall festivals and Farmer’s Markets.  We bring a few alpacas with us when we can.  We love to educate people and show them where their products originate.  Alpacas are unique creatures and each one has a different personality.  Although they look cute and cuddly, many alpacas do not like to be touched.  You can sometimes stroke their neck .  We try to bring ‘friendlier’ alpacas when we attend events.

The farm is open to the public most Sundays from 12 – 4 PM.  You can visit the animals and purchase alpaca fiber products.  To date we have twenty alpacas.  There’s a cria due at the end of October and we will be sure to post photos.

Whether you visit us at one of the events or stop by the farm, we welcome your visit!!!

October Festivities

This Saturday, October 8,  Kave Rock Farm will be at Partners Village Store in Westport.  There are other wonderful vendors, authors and amazing soups at the Village Cafe.  Come visit us!!!

On Saturday, October 15, we will be at Capron Park for the Attleboro Farmer’s Market.  It’s PIE DAY!!!

Equally exciting is the Easton Farmer’s Market on Deport Street.  Feed the alpacas and see other farm friends that day while picking up fresh breads, jams, veggies, soaps and more!!

We wrap up the month with a visit to St. Andrews School in Barrington.  It is always a well attended event with MANY talented artisans.

If you cannot stop by to see us at an event, stop by our farm on Sundays from 1-4.  



Fall Fun

The Fall season is a busy one here at Kave Rock.  We pack up a few alpacas each Saturday and attend a local Harvest Festival or Farmer’s Market (check our EVENTS page for listings).  The weather is cooler and people begin to have a greater interest in our cold weather items.  This year we have two new products.  We carry headbands for those who prefer to cover just their ears rather than wear a hat. They come in gray, brown or fawn and have different patterns.   In addition, we now carry Wrist Warmers.  There is a cable pattern as well as a pointelle style. Both are light weight yet incredibly warm.  If you have not worn any of our alpaca products, you are in for a treat.  They are warm and durable.  Alpaca fiber has no lanolin and does not ‘itch’ like sheep wool. All our socks can be machine washed and dried.  Most of all …MADE IN THE USA!!!  Our Home Store has gotten a facelift and beginning October 9, we will be open each Sunday from 1-4 PM.  Stop by to see the alpacas and check out The STORE!

30th Birthday Party

There was a man,
His name was Dan,
A concert with Phish,
Was his girlfriend’s wish,
He added alpacas to play
On her special birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Taylor!!!


Summer Fun at Kave Rock Farm


As the weather gets warmer we attend fewer events. Obviously people are not thinking about alpaca hats and gloves as they pack for a beach outing. But we do attend a few local events and educate people about alpacas. They really are unique creatures. We do have alpaca ‘beans’ (fertilizer) available all summer.

At the end of August we will be back at farmers’ markets (Easton & Attleboro). We have 2 expected births this year also – one in mid September and another in October.

Feel free to contact us and bring the kids by to feed the alpacas this summer! If not, we will see you at Fall events.

SPRING at Kave Rock Farm

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There’s daily sightings of ducks, geese, hummingbirds, herons, snapping turtles, bunnies, deer . . . it must be Spring!
Of course there’s alpacas and chickens too. The alpacas will feel much cooler on shearing day. With weather in the 80’s recently, I find them stretching their necks over the vegetable garden hoping to catch the spray from the garden sprinkler.
Our farm has grown with the addition of five females. Two of them are expecting in September. We have one female runt who is simply adorable. Her name is Minnie and she is quite feisty. She pushes her way to the feed bowl fearlessly among others twice her size.
In addition, we have three 9 month old fiber males for sale. They are perfect for any farm looking to add some alpacas. Alpacas need minimal fence and are easy to care for. Contact us for more information.